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Tilden Merry-go-Round


Description: Located deep in the heart of Tilden Park, the Merry-go-round is a nice lay over among the trees. Low ticket prices invite a family friendly atmosphere as well as a place you can easily spring for bringing multiple children. It is your typical merry-go-round complete with horses going up and down to the tune of calliope music. There is a snack bar for all your food and snacking conveniences. Popular place for birthday parties as there are picnic benches in a somewhat secluded area around the back of the carousel. There is also a big sunny lawn to lay out, eat on, or roll down- as my daughter likes to do. This used to be a magical place around Christmas offering a Winter Fantasy land decked out with Christmas trees with ornaments that you could walk up and buy, bright lights, and the only Black Santa this side of town that I know of. Unfortunately since the merry-go-round changed hands from Oyarzùn’s management to it's current managers the Winter Fantasy is not a spectacular site to behold and is barely worth the trouble of making your way there. But much to the chagrin of the adult members of our family disappointments, the children did not seem to notice or care about the change in hands and just enjoyed riding the merry-go-round in the night time.


Highlights: The best thing about the Tilden merry-go-round is that it is within close proximity of other Tilden child friendly destinations. You can spend a whole day hopping from the Tilden Little Farm, to the merry-go-round, to the steam trains, or romping in the woods. Tilden is definitely a full days worth of fun!


Tips: Make sure to use the bathroom before you come or bring some hand sanitizer, the bathrooms are typical park restrooms and don't have you feeling cleanly enough to eat your popcorn after use.

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