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  • Location: Tilden has multiple entry points, Stretches from Berkeley to Orinda

  • Phone: 888-EBPARKS

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free

  • Hours: 5am-10pm Everyday


Description: Tilden is huge- so many opportunities to take advantage of this beautiful outdoors area! Tilden has the Little Farm, Jewel Lake, the Steam Trains, Lake Anza, the Merry-go-round just to name a few of the activities inside the park (check other posts for more specific info about these). But most importantly Tilden has nature and hiking paths galore! There are so many hiking paths and entrances that they are too many to name. But there is more than enough opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

I went hiking on a trail with my dog and two kids, it was beautiful and we really enjoyed being in nature. But beware of getting lost, take a map and a friend because if you are not sure where you are going it can be easy to get side tracked and loose sight of the trail signs. We got quite turned around! It definatley made the trip longer than we wanted it to be but eventually we just had to go back the way we knew we came as opposed to looping around the trail. All in all it was a great day and an excellent time enjoying nature and the outdoors but none the less a little frustrating. 

Highlights: We happened upon a few campsights that had bathrooms as well as picnic benches good for taking a bathroom and water break at. The view from one of the upper trails we were on originally was gorgeous!


Tips: Bring a back pack with light snacks, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and water, water, water. You never know how long you might be and you want to be prepared!

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