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Thrasher Park


Description: Thrasher Park is a small little neighborhood park in the city of San Leandro. The playground part has just been redone and is really cute! The park is best known for being a skater park. It has a special ramp and concrete bowl for skaters to ride on. If you have preteens who are in to skateboards this is a nice park for them. The park also has a baseball diamond and lots of shade accomodations. Other than that it is sort of a no frills park but if you live in the neighborhood it is a cute park to go hang out at. The new playground has a few different climbing structures and a tall slide.  

Highlights: Not many parks have a designated skating area so that is a nice touch for older children with wheels. There are also benches with shade  to sit atwhich is a plus for anyparent who knows how  it feels to have to stand around in the sun while your child playsat the park. 

Tips: If you live nearby walk or ride your bike here. 

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