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The Rec Room

Description: The Rec Room is a great place for little people. When I say little I mean toddlers (do not take your 7 year old here, lol). The Rec Room is basically designed to give parents a place to work and connect with each other while little ones play. The whole space is very engaging for little bodies. They have many different types of manipulative toys, a dramatic play area, a slide, and hideaway area. There are soft cuddly areas great for reading a book and snuggling up. There is an art room where children can participate in art classes different days of the week. Overlooking the children's play area is a cafe seating area with tables and chairs. Many adults can be seen working from their laptops or striking up a conversation with each other. A small cafe is located in the back which has plenty of snacks to refuel your little one. My daughter took many breaks to stop and have some popcorn or applesauce. The reason I put this post in the learning category is because it is a great place to take your toddler to learn to socialize with other little friends if they are not in school. I got a sense that many of the patrons there were parents who worked from home while taking care of their little ones. All the parents seemed very friendly and happy to engage in conversation- great place to make new friends for you and your baby! 

Highlights: Although we did not make it at the right time, I know they offer different classes such as art for kids, and movement classes for both the parent and the child. I saw a cute video of a mommy/ baby conga line of sorts on their Instagram. If your child can be self sufficient this is a great place to take your laptop and get some work done while your children are distracted. 

Tips: Check Groupon before you go, I got a great deal for two visits! Also check their site and find out when a class is happening you may want to take your baby to. 

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