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The Butcher's Son

  • Location: 1941 University Avenue Berkeley, CA 94704

  • Phone: 510 984-0818

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$

  • Hours:  Mon, Thurs & Fri 11AM - 8PM Tues & Weds 11AM-3PM Weekends 9AM - 5PM

Description: The Butcher's Son in Berkeley is probably one of my favorite child friendly vegan destinations in the Bay Area. It is the only place you can get almost any style deli sandwich with all vegan options. Every sandwich I may miss from being a vegan that I can not eat anymore is available here, as well as sandwiches that I did not even like for their meaty content before I made the switch. The first sandwich I ever tried here was the Philly cheese steak and it literally blew me away! It tasted so much like a Philly cheese steak I was immediately in hooked! The environment of the restaurant is very mellow and chill. The staff are happy to make accommodations for kids and their is a whole kid menu, although my kids never order off of it, lol. They have high chairs available as well as some pretty awesome sweet treats to keep the children occupied. My kids usually convince me for a doughnut or cookie to go. My husband (who is not a vegan) loves the vegan cheesecake. They also ​have a yummy brunch menu with breakfast sandwiches that are amazing and yummy french toast dippers.

Highlights: I've had almost every sandwich on the menu at one time or another. Some of our highlights include the Philly Cheese steak, the meatball sandwich, the BLT, and the pulled pork sandwich. The burger is good but not my favorite, the tuna is good but a little greasy. My absolute favorite on the menu (which is weird because I never liked it in real life) is the rueben sandwich- I love it sooo much and order it almost every time. My oldest daughter's favorite that she orders every time is the Killer BLTA. If you are going for the first time this may be the best one to try- it is a crispy fried chicken sandwich with bacon lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, and jalapenos. It is really good and my second favorite sandwich on the menu! 

Tips: Take a friend and share! Or take two friends and share! The more the merrier and the more menu items you can try! Go halfsies with a friend and sample multiple things on the menu. 

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