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Terrace Park


Description: Terrace Park is a super cute park tucked away in Albany's residential neighborhoods. It is a little hidden gem, barely noticeable unless you know where to look. Terrace Park is a great park for all ages of children in that it has two seperate playgrounds- a more challenging one for big kids and an enclosed toddler area for your little ones. It also features tennis courts, basketball courts, and my favorite attraction of it all is the big grassy lawn. The lawn is good for playing catch with your child or dog, but my favorite thing to do is lay down on my back and watch the clouds roll by or play wrestle with my baby. Depending on what time of day you go the park can be pretty quiet too. One day we visited and were next to the only ones there, the next time we went there were a handful of other families. But neither time was very hectic- which made it a little more relaxing for me to watch and play with my kids. I suspect because of it's location that not many people even know it exists. The older play structure has a lot of fun and challenging aspects so your more capable child won't get bored. The younger playground has a couple baby swings, sand, and a small structure with slides. It is a really quiet and nice park if you are in the neighborhood! 

Highlights: The park is very unassuming and is set back from the main streets which is good to not have traffic riding by and sort of feels semi-private. It has also been really quiet and peaceful the few times that we visited. 

Tips: If you live nearby walk or ride your bike here. Also if you have a well trained dog it is a good place to bring it to play fetch.

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