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Strawberry Canyon Pool


Description: Strawberry Canyon Pool is my favorite place to swim! My family loves this pool! Located on Centennial drive up above the Cal Campus and football stadium, this perfect pool is nestled among towering trees in the outdoor air. Since it is located on Centennial drive you are close to a few other child-friendly attractions like The Lawrence Hall of Science and The Botanical Gardens, combine these visits together and you have got a whole day of fun! I am not a fan of cold pools, but this pool is heated to the perfect temperature so getting in is not a struggle. I love the outdoor atmosphere, you can feel close to nature while swimming with your family. There is lots of open space for family swim as well as lap lanes. There are several grassy areas where you can spread a blanket or towels down on to enjoy the sunshine and have a bite to eat. If you bring some food for your little swimmers, they can dry off in the sunshine while munching on their snacks in the grass. The pool also provides kick boards and allows you to bring toys and floaties in for your kids (which some other pools do not do). The price of swimming is very cheap, I can get me & my daughters in for under $10- what a deal! 


Highlights:I love that this pool is outside and makes you feel like you are still in nature as opposed to the city. Love laying on my back floating and staring up at the sun shining through the tree tops! 

Tips: What  this pool really could use is a concessions stand, but alas with most public pools out this way, there is none- so make sure you pack your own snacks for your hungry swimmers to refuel on! Also make sure you paid the correct amount for parking because they do ticket in the lot. 

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