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Snow Day in Berkeley

  • Location: Shattuck Ave. and Vine St. (North Berkeley)

  • Website:

  • When: Once a year in the beginning of December

  • Pricing: Free, vendors & pony rides $

  • Hours: 10am -3pm


Description: The whole 1400-1500 block of Shattuck is utilized in this event. Seeing snow in Berkeley is exciting enough! But when you accompany that with pony rides, crafts booths, an ice queen making balloon animals, and free hot cider and cookies- you've got an all out fun time! My daughter was so entranced by the white snow that she barely wanted to leave it to go explore the rest of the block- but the free cider and cookies were a warm and welcome surprise! This event is completely free but if you wanna wanna spring for the extra pony rides and craft booths bring a little extra change, but not much. More than anything it is enjoyable to see children who may or may not have ever witnessed snow up close going crazy for it. Don't forget your mittens! It is real man made snow and is really cold. Also if you have a small shovel to help build your snow man that's a good thought too.


Highlights: Any child who has or has not ever been to the snow will be excited to see snow in their hometown area, as much warm weather as we get snow is like a legend at this point! Children are just so excited to see it and play in it, it is a delight just seeing the children's faces light up as they step on to the snow and touch it. The patch of snow is not that big in itself but the amount of creativity and fun coming from the kids is undeniable. Everywhere you look someone is doing something else with it! In this day and age when nothing is free, the free cookies and apple cider are a wonderful compliment to the already magical day. As if that wasn't enough magic the Snow Queen will enchant every little princess that sees her!


Tips: Bring gloves- the ice is real and very cold and will numb little hands as well as grown hands too. Also small shovels or other small snow toys are allowed. The shovels will be helpful for digging up snow for snowmen!

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