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Sky High Sports

  • Location: 1631 Challenge Dr., Concord, Ca 94520

  • Phone: 925-682-5867

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$

  • Hours: Sun 11am-8pm, Mon 11am-9pm, Tues-TH 2pm-9pm,    Fri 11am-12Midnight, Sat 10am-12Midnight


Description: Many, many gigantic trampolines for families to bounce, flip, topple, and laugh on. No matter your level of skill and capability to do tricks there is something euphoric about bouncing around with your loved ones that turns you into an uncontrollably laughing child again. The air in there will make you giddy. There is also a swinging rope area where you can drop or flip into a pit of foam in. Children and adults alike have fun swinging all different types of ways into the foam pit, and it is harder than you think to try and crawl out of -- which will also have you laughing, but this time at yourself! They have organized games of dodge ball, airobics, and "after dark" hours for your older children to have some fun. There is also a special court for tiny jumpers where they will not be trounced by older feet. It is also a fun place to have birthday parties.

Highlights: Bouncing on giant trampolines is just fun- it's something everyone can participate in. Sometimes when you take your child to fun places you have to play the roll of the wall flower as ou look on at them having fun but here you can fully participate. It is so much fun and good exercise too!


Tips: You can register online and save time when you get there. Sometimes the time slot you are aiming for is sold out. Entrance to the trampolines happens every half hour.

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