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My vision is to inspire families of all backgrounds to explore, be present, and have fun with their children in the Bay Area.

Tilden Park

Nothing is as synonomous with my childhood as Tilden Park in Berkeley. I spent many weekends, summer days, summer camps, and field trips in Tilden Park growing up. And why not? There is so much to do in Tilden for families. To this day Tilden Park still has something for everybody to enjoy. With many points of interest throughout the park, I will break down a few that we frequent with our tribe. You can also click the link on the name of each spot to be redirected to the page and find out more information.

The Little Farm: Tilden Little Farm is a free farm where the only requirement to come is making sure you have some celery to feed the animals (it's not really a requirement but they appreciate it lol). From friendly cows, to goats, pigs, geese, bunnies, chickens, and sheep- it really feels like Old McDonalds Farm. There is also a Visitor's Center adjacent to the farm that is also fun for a visit and very educational. Occasionally they take out a snake or other critter that can be petted. Open every day to the public for FREE! Visitors Center is closed on Mondays.

Jewel Lake: Less than a mile away from the Little Farm is Jewel Lake an easy hike for little feet. with some pretty nice views of the lake where you can go turtle watching. There is a hidden path on the way to the lake that is like a bridge that winds through the bushes and is a fun shortcut for kids to explore.

The Merry-Go-Round: Located not far from the Little Farm is a perfect second round destination to take kids after a day at the farm. The merry go round includes a snack bar and an outdoor area that's nice for picnics or parties.

Lake Anza: When I was little this was such a fun place to go swimming. The sandy beach, the lake, the snack bar full of slurpees and now n laters lots of warm summer memories there. I haven't been in years but when I walk my dog around the other shores I can see it basically looks the same. Open every day in the Summer. You can also walk your dog off leash around the perimeter of the lake and it's a beautiful hike.

Tilden Steam trains: Part of the Tilden Trifecta the steam trains can round out your day. The train is super cute and open (so bring a light jacket). You will travel through the rolling hills of Tilden through the trees and a tunnel. It's so fun for little kids especially those in to trains. But really any kid will have fun. The ride is a little less than 10 mins and good for a time or two around.

You can spend a full day in Tilden with the kids. If you can get to two or more of these you have a full day. You can also hike in any of their trails or pull over for a picnic in the trees. No matter what you decide to do in Tilden you are sure to have a fun day with the whole family!

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