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My vision is to inspire families of all backgrounds to explore, be present, and have fun with their children in the Bay Area.

Messy Art Day

This past weekend we had the pleasure of participating in one of our favorite events of the year- Messy Art Day! Every year El Cerrito Preschool Cooperative puts on the messiest day of the year. The one day a year my kids can get totally covered from head to toe in gooey fluffy substances and I don't have to clean up afterwards- woo hoo!

There are so many hands on activities that kids can have fun with. When you walk in the front gate there is usually a painting activity or two hanging up on the play structure; paint rollers, spray paint, different colored paints, balls to roll down the slide in paint, and they even had targets for the kids to throw paint balls at. But our favorite painting activity is the human spin art. Where the kids get loaded up on a tire swing facing down and squirt paint as they are spun in a circle- so fun!

As you walk through the school you will find oohblek, clean mud, pools with frozen animals, and the famous confetti room. When you get through to the other side is my oldest daughter's favorite activity- shaving cream! There is tons of shaving cream spread out on top of giant water balloon type things with different instruments to play with it in but the kids love using their hands the most. They always end up turning into shaving cream monsters and this is where they get super messy!

This year they added a zipline for little ones to go on and squirt paint from the ride. Outside there's a bunch more activities with literally mini pools of bubbles, oohblek, Orbeez, self face painting, and a science table with explosion activities.

My kids have so much fun and I thoroughly enjoy watching them get messy from head to toe as long as I bring an extra set of clothes.

We are Bay Explorers...

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