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My vision is to inspire families of all backgrounds to explore, be present, and have fun with their children in the Bay Area.

Hidden Villas Farms

Hidden Villas Educational Farm in Los Altos is a little hidden gem among the mountains! Over Spring Break we had the pleasure of taking a tour at Hidden Villas Farm and we really enjoyed the peace and stillness that the farm offers. Even though the farm is bustling with activity, the location in the mountains offers fresh air and tranquility.

We went with a crew of eleven so we signed up for a private tour. Our tour guide Maggie was very nice and informative as she took us around the farm. She really tried to engage our youth by asking them questions and telling them fun facts about farm life. Maggie offered them a few treats grown by the farm like dried raisins, seeds, and dried persimmons. The highlight of the tour was petting the animals. My youngest daughter gets really excited over cows, which she was able to pet at length. As we were feeding the chickens my brother-in-law got the idea to law down on the ground with them and made us sprinkle the feed on him so that the chickens ate off of his body and they did- crazy kids! Newly born baby lambs were walking around with their families and were oh so cute and soft to the touch. Plus they have a giant nearly blind pig that we petted and watched scarf down a fresh chicken egg.

After our tour the children played in the fresh water creek that runs through the farm. It always amazes me how much children are perfectly happy to play in nature with nothing other then their friends and surroundings to play with. We often buy them all these toys, fill their world with TV, computers, phones, and distractions. When all we need to do is bring them back to the basics for them to have a good time. I love to see my children making up games in the grass, crossing the stream over a log, or climbing up a steep mountain hillside together. It builds character and makes them come together for team work.

Nothing makes me happier then being outdoors with my family enjoying fresh air and nature and Hidden Villas was the perfect place to do this!

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