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Messy Art Day

One of our favorite FREE events of the year is Messy Art Day put on by El Cerrito Preschool Cooperative. I have bringing my oldest daughter here since she was three years old. My oldest daughter Satya is very tactile and still to this (she's seven now) day loves getting messy and touching different substances with her hands. This year we brought our baby who is one and a half and she had just as good a time as her older sister. ECPC opens their school up to all families in the community who want to come and have a good time one Sunday out of the year. They completely transform the school into several different stations of messy art activities. There are so many different activities for your child to participate in that you can spend hours here.

My youngest daughter got a big kick out of rolling tennis balls down the slide through green paint. She loves to play with balls anyways so this cause and effect art project was just up her alley. There was a couple cute kids waiting at the bottom collecting the used balls and running them back up to the adult at the station. My youngest daughter's favorite activity was by far the bubble table. It doesn't take anything too fancy or complicated to impress a one year old. She kept running back to the bubble table every time we would attempt to walk away and ask for "Mo bubble peese!"

My oldest daughter loves catching and dumping confetti in the confetti room, which has cool goggles for the kids to protect their eyes from the flying paper. An activity she may be getting too big for, but the man at the station was still very nice to her, is the human spin art activity. I have always thought this was so cool. They lay the children flat over a tire swing and give them paint to squeeze while they spin. My oldest daughter's favorite activity overall is and always has been playing with shaving cream. Like I said she is very tactile and she can stand at the shaving cream station for an eternity if you let her.

The staff and parent volunteers are all very friendly, helpful, and welcoming. I was really happy to see this year that they invited a couple of food trucks to come vend in addition to their snacks they sell to raise money for the event. All that playing can sure make little ones hungry and it was great to have options to eat.

All in all Messy Art Day is a great event, I wish it was more than once a year! I am deeply appreciative of the school, staff, and parents, that help put it together for the community every year for free!

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