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Swimming In Winter? Yes please!

With cabin fever and the rainy day blues in full swing, I have been dreaming about sunnier days here in the Bay Area. Sunnier days where we have our pick and choose from a plethora of pools scattered all across the East Bay. Swimming is probably my daughter's favorite way to spend an afternoon, and for sure her favorite mode of exercise. Then suddenly I remembered there is an indoor pool open all year long- Albany Pool (and why have I not thought of this previously when we are trying to figure out rainy day activities).

Albany Aquatic Center is located in Albany's Memorial Park right outside of the high school. It is the perfect place to get some swimming in during these rainy days. Every Saturday they have family recreation swim hours from 1:30-4:30. You can also catch them on weekdays and for lap swimming. You can check out their full schedule here.

The main pool is indoors and for the most part comfortable in temperature. My younger baby was getting a little bit chilled after about an hour in the pool, but as long as you are swimming around the temperature should be fine. The center also has an outdoor lap pool that has diving boards.

We were very fortunate to choose the day we went because unbeknownst to us it just happened to be their 5 year birthday party celebration. Everyone was able to swim that day free of charge! Free activities always make me excited- I'm sure any parent of two can relate to that, lol. Not only was the swimming free but they were having diving board competitions, games, and they sent everyone home with free cookies and juices.

It turned out to be an awesome outing and I was so glad we went. I also ended up shaking my head at myself because I was not sure why it had not occurred to me to come spend an afternoon here for the rest of the Winter. Oh well the point is I remember now and I want to share that with other parents. If you would like more information on Albany Aquatic Center, click here and you will be redirected to their page on my website. Have fun swimming!

P.S. Get there right when the rec. swim opens at 1:30, the pool has a capacity and often fills up on the weekends. It's no fun to get your children excited about swimming only to be turned away when you get there.

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