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My vision is to inspire families of all backgrounds to explore, be present, and have fun with their children in the Bay Area.

Snow Day in Berkeley

Snow Day in Downtown Berkeley is a magical time that comes once a year when you can take your kids to enjoy the snow without having to make the drive up to Tahoe. Children are encouraged to bring snow gear and shovels to enjoy the frozen fun. Especially remember to bring gloves because the snow is cold and will quickly turn your child's hands into little icicles. I had my oldest daughter wear her snow pants and boots too because I knew as a very tactile kid she'd be rolling all through the frozen mush- and she was!

The patch of snow for the children to play on is not that big, but kids don't let that stop them from having the most fun that they can have. Everywhere you look children are making snowmen, throwing snowballs, stomping around in the ice, and digging up fresh snow to be used. Best of all is watching the excitement and delight it brings to all the children to see and feel snow so close to home- for many of them it is their first time playing in it.

The whole block of Shattuck to Vine is closed for this event. There are also lots of vendors lining the side of the street. Mainly crafts and wares, but we stopped at one booth and got some tasty little sweets to munch on. The pony rides will delight young children, as well as meeting the snow queen who they can take pictures with. My oldest daughter made sand art in a bottle necklace which she was very proud of (until it broke later at the park that day, and it was very sad).

Snow Day is right in the heart of the "Gourmet ghetto" as this section of Berkeley has been dubbed, which means there are plenty of restaurants everywhere to choose from for lunch afterwards. My daughters and I walked over to Andronico's about a block down and piled up on food from the salad bar. Then we walked back by the festivities to Live Oak Park which was about a block from all fun and ate our food and played some more at the park. Live Oak Park has an awesome play structure for big kids as well as a toddler section of the park.

My oldest daughter loves to go to Snow Day every year and most of all she loves pegging me with snowballs in my back! This year we saw another family we know and they engaged in a group snowball fight. My youngest baby was just enchanted by picking up the cold snow and trying to sneak a taste of it. Either way it is so much fun for your little ones!

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