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My vision is to inspire families of all backgrounds to explore, be present, and have fun with their children in the Bay Area.


We are at the end of our SepTENber countdown! If you have been keeping up with Bay Explorer via InstaGram or Facebook, you know that I have been counting down 10 things to do for under $10 all month- making this month SepTENber! My vision for Bay Explorer is to share resources with families/schools/caregivers of all socio-economic backgrounds, so that everyone can find fun things to do with their children. You do not have to have a lot of money to show your children a good time, you just have to show up and be present with them!

I also think it is very important to connect your children to the outdoors. Introducing them to nature and seeing wildlife is one of the ways you can ensure that your child will grow up with a sense of connectedness to nature and want to help to take care of our planet. In fact on the Bay Explorer website the whole "Outdoors" tab is free! (Some exclusions apply like you may have to pay a parking fee, but mainly it is free.) Playing at parks, splashing in the ocean, and taking hikes are all great ways to bond with your child while getting some fresh air and spending time in nature. Nature gives us everything we need, and return it only asks that we care for it. Raising children to care about Mother Earth is one of our most important jobs as care takers, so get outside and get exploring!

Here is a recap of SepTENber: 10 Fun Things To Do With Your Children For Under $10...

  1. Bounce your heart out at Bayfair Malls Pumpkin Patch. Leading us in to Halloween festivities for October is the Pumpkin Patch at Bayfair Mall, where for $10 you can let your children bounce and slide on an array of bouncy tents and slides. They have pumpkins to but it sort of takes a backseat to all the fun they will have bouncing around!

  2. Take a hike! At Roberts Regional Redwoods that is...Roberts Regional Redwoods in Oakland has tons and tons of paths for you and your family to explore while enjoying nature. You can walk your four legged furry friend off leash there and your two legged silly kids too!

  3. Go for a swim at Strawberry Canyon Pool. This is our family's favorite pool, nestled in the quiet woods behind UC Berkeley campus, this pool will give you the feel of swimming in nature. Tall trees surround the border of the pool. The pool itself is warm and welcoming!

  4. Stuff your face at the Eat Real Festival in Jack London Square in Oakland.While this festival only comes around once a year in September mark your calendars for next year because everything on the menus of all the food trucks and vendors is under $8!

  5. Walk the mile run at San Leandro Marina. This is a perfect place for all of your family to get some exercise! The mile walk is right on the water by the Bay, so it is always beautiful (and sometimes windy). The marina also has two playgrounds, rolling lawns, and picnic benches for you to enjoy after your walk is complete.

  6. Explore the Albany Bulb and find all the hidden art made of recycled trash. The Albany Bulb is a great place to walk your kids and your dog. Many artists have made their mark on the bulb and left amazing creations of statues, paintings, fences, swings, etc. of recycled materials in to art. Your children will have fun finding them among the bushes.

  7. Take a dip at Cull Canyon. Cull Canyon is a man made lagoon turned super fun swim hole in Castro Valley for children. It has all the fun of lake swimming without the annoying duck poop and algae. The sand is fun for digging and amazingly clean. There are also benches and BBQ pits if you want to make a picnic out of it.

  8. Go play at Frog Park in Oakland. Frog Park is a unique park in Oakland, the whole playground looks like a giant tree house. Lots of fun nooks and hidden interest points all around the giant structure. If you go on a Sunday you can walk a secret path to the Claremont DMV and get some food at the Farmers Market.

  9. Take a road trip and visit Pleasure Point Beach in Santa Cruz. Taking a road trip is a fun and easy way to get away without spending a lot of money! We are fortunate to live around some very close points of interest like Santa Cruz. You can have a fun weekend enjoying the beaches, forests, and boardwalk.

If you are road tripping to Santa Cruz make sure to take a walk in Henry Cowell Redwoods. There is a $10 entrance fee to park, but you can use it to park at any California State park all day long. These towering redwoods are definitely worth a visit. There is a loop trail walk which is under a mile that your whole family can enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed the countdown and remember Bay Explorers whole Outdoors section is always under $10 and most times free! Also I always list how costly each spot is on the top of each post. You don't have to have lots of money to show your kids a good time, just be present!

We are Bay Explorers...

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