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Siempre Verde Park


Description: Siempre Verde park has recently been revamped and it looks amazing! Everything is so new and clean from the playground equipment, to the grass, to the picnic tables. The whole park looks very inviting and welcoming when you get there. About 7 years ago we lived very close to this park and would walk over with our then first born baby, it was not the nicest park but it was close to our house so we made do. The park looks completely different now and a hundred times better. The grassy lawn is a perfect place to sprawl out with a blanket and some food. The equipment is brand new and modern. There is a smaller play place for toddlers which includes a seesaw. In the older kid section there are all kinds of climbing structures, tubes, slides, tires, spinning apparatuses, swings, and such. There are newly paved basketball courts and nice spanking new picnic benches. It is really a nice improvement. 

Highlights: They have a modern seesaw! Almost no parks have these anymore, probably because of safety issues. I was so excited to see it though. I thought my children would never get to play on one. My girls bounced up and down on it to their little hearts delight!

Tips: There is a decent Mexican restaurant on the corner you can order food at and enjoy at the park in the sunshine. They got our order wrong but the food was alright. 

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