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S.F. Botanical Gardens

  • Location: 9th Ave & Lincoln Way, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA 94122

  • Phone: 1-415-661-1316

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $

  • Hours: 7:30am-4pm


Description: Me and my 2 year old had the pleasure of visiting San Francisco Botanical Gardens on their free day (which happens every second Tuesday of the month in case you wanna catch the next one). Walking the grounds with her, smelling the flowers, touching the leaves, oogling at the fall colors, and scouting the various types of wild life was all very magical. We shared our hummus sandwich and veggie chip lunch with a bold squirrel that we pretended to make friends with. We watched a crane strutting by looking for it's lunch in a pond with the sun rays shining down upon it. We ran through yellow leaves that showered us in fall colors, listening to the crunch under our feet. We took hidden paths to different lands. We crossed bridges that may or may not have been occupied by trolls. We ran through grassy fields and danced in the sun. And at the very end of our magical excursion we hugged a tree. Not just any tree we hugged the giant gate keeper of a tree that is almost synonymous with the Gardens, and it felt goood! We love Mother Nature and everything she offers us so we decided to thank her by giving our love back to one of her largest creations in the park. Tree huggers isn't just something silly we call nature lovers but it actually has real health benefits including mood boosting, positive energy exchange, and breathing in directly from our fresh air factory. I could feel all of this as we stood there hugging the tree not caring what on lookers thought of us. The positive energy exchange was real and so was the mood boost, it instantly made me smile and giggle.

Highlights: The grounds are just beautiful! They are so brightly colored in the Fall & I'm sure they are as brilliant in the Spring. Loved the pond with the crane we stumbled upon. It is so beautiful and peaceful.


Tips: Wear good walking shoes and bring a lunch. If you can catch a free Tuesday! 

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