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San Lorenzo Community Center


Description: The San Lorenzo Community Center Park has gone through some real exciting renovations this past year. The park section has been redone and updated and looks magnificent! So much to do for kids. You have to drive around to the left of the back of the community center when you first drive in the parking lot. Once you see a parking lot with a giant faux grassy hill and a giant bear statue you have reached the right place. (There are still remnants of the old park on the other side of the lot, so if it doesn't look new you are not in the right place). Once there children can happily play and slide down multiple slides or faux grassy hills (which are what my kids preferred over the slides). There is a rock climbing wall, a giant bear sculpture for additional climbing, a really cool tree house that you can get to via bridge or ladder, a zip line, a duck pond, basketball courts, and a baseball field. The duck pond is really beautiful and serene. There is a bridge/ walkway that stretches the length of the pond and wraps around to the other side so you can walk over the water and say hi to the ducks. When you get to the other side there is a cute little gazebo and a few tables for picnicking on.


Highlights: The duck pond was something that I have not seen at other parks before. The flowers and water set a really pretty backdrop to the quacking ducks. Also everything looks really modern and brand new.


Tips: You can bring your lunch and enjoy at one of the many picnic tables or bring some canned corn & lettuce to feed the duck friends. Please do not ever feed ducks bread- it is very bad for their stomachs! 

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