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San Leandro Marina


Description: San Leandro Marina offers a plethora of fun things to do! Set against the backdrop of the beautiful San Leandro Marina overlooking the glistening Bay, it is a fun spot for children and adults alike to hang out or work out. The Marina is beautiful in setting and is a perfect spot to watch the sunset or catch a glimpse of the airplanes coming in and out of the Oakland Airport. There are two separate children's playgrounds. Both of them offer fun play structures and swing sets, and are connected by a paved bike trail. There is plenty of paved path for riding, scooting, rolling, and biking- so bring your set of wheels for you or your children. You can enjoy a nice stroll or ride watching the waves in the Bay. There is also a mile run par course for good exercise. The course offers lots of specialized equipment for training and working on your abs and upper body strength. I encouraged my daughter to join in the exercise with my friend and I, we had to make up many games along the way to get her to complete the course but she did! The Marina has lots of picnic areas for parties. As well as large playing fields for soccer, flying kites, or playing a game of tag. One of my favorite things to do here is just lay in the grass. The grass is soft and well manicured. It's like nature's big cushion. 


Highlights: The setting of being right off of the water is really gorgeous and offers something for adults after the children wear out. At one of the parks is a large statue of a whale or seal that spouts water and let's kids cool down after playing in the sun (although I suspect it may get turned off for the drought). There's always an ice cream truck lurking in the parking lot, so you will have an opportunity to get a snack or cool off with a frozen treat.


Tips: Go before lunch or early afternoon/evening in the Summer. Mid-summer around noon the park is blazing with very little shade near the children's play structures. Go when the day is cooling off or before it heats all the way up.

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