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San Leandro Cherry Festival


Description: This was my first year attending the San Leandro Cherry Festival and a great time was had by all who I visited with! If you love cherries, they are plentiful and can be bought in bulk from street vendors. There a pastries, food dishes, and drinks that all feature cherries. A live mobile art zone was very enticing for the adults and kids in my group. My daughter built a Lego tower while me friend painted at the art mobile. The food stands were standard- fried, fried, fried, and meat. Which is not my preferred choice. But when we went to sit down we found a hidden stand serving upscale food sliders plates with salad. They were so happy to acommodate me being a vegan and made a wonderful plate that I could enjoy with salad, a roll, bean salad, and watermelon. I also had an adult beverage featuring- you guessed it- cherries! We were seated near a large stage where the Bay area's own Chuy Gomez was hosting various artists including Jon B, if you are from my generation you know and appreciate who that is! Then on to the fun of an very busy kids zone! My daughter had so much fun rock climbing, riding small rides, catching enormous bubbles, and bouncing in a jumpy tent. After all that playing and walking around we all enjoyed a cool treat in some shade that we could find. It gets pretty hot out there so don't overdo it and find some shade to rest in for awhile. It was really nice going to this festival after so many years of seeing the signs for it and never attending. 


Highlights: The hidden food turned out to be really good, don't fall for the fried signs, ask around and try to find the gourmet stand that takes tickets. Also it was really refreshing to have an adult beverage on such a hot day! 


Tips: Parking is tricky because you have to park in residential neighborhoods, but the honest truth is that even if you park a few blocks over from the event- you are never really that far away from it, you're going to be walking either way you slice it! Needless to say wear comfortable shoes! 

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