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San Leandro Aquatic Center


Description: I don't know how I have lived in San Leandro with two kids for two years and never been here before but we finally made it to check out San Leandro Aquatic Center and it was so much fun! This pool / fun zone offers a small portion of the pool for non-swimmers, a deeper portion of pool for kids who pass the swim test, a water slide, and a water structure with slides and water spewing out in every direction. My youngest daughter couldn't get enough of the water structure in the kiddy pool. She went down the small slide at least 10 times back to back. My older kids passed the swim test easily and went down the larger water slide many times. Since they passed the swim test we all could swim in the deeper pool where there was much less of a crowd. The Aquatic Center also features a grassy area and picnic tables. We spread our blankets out in the grass and headed back many times to refuel on snacks. There is something for every age group here so it is a great place to bring kids from a wide range. I had a 2 year old, 8 year old, and 12 year old and they all equally had a blast! After all the swimming, sliding, and squirting my crew was tired out.


Highlights: It is much more than just a pool and a really fun place for family recreation. Also I love pools that have areas you can lay your blanket and food out on while you dry off in the sun, makes you feel real Summer like. Also admission to the pool is just $5 each so it is very affordable even for a large family.


Tips: This pool reaches capacity frequently so it is best to get there right when it opens at 1pm. We were turned away on our first attempt. Also I highly recommend getting your non-swimmers some type of life vest or flotation device. When the kids are on the structure it is hard to move around and catch them coming down from every angle. If they have on a vest or floaties you will have piece of mind. That area gets hectic and it is just better for little ones to be protected than to risk it. 

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