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Rodeo Beach

Description: On Earth Day this year we joined a night hike through the Nature Bridge program on Rodeo Beach. I had never been to Rodeo Beach before and was stunned to find out how beautiful it was. The beach is my happy place and I am always forever grateful to find new beaches around the Bay Area that are family friendly. If you just look towards the beach and the surrounding mountains you can almost imagine the landscape being part of an island compared to that of part of the Bay Area. The surrounding hills are lush and green. That coupled with the views of the water and sand make for such a gorgeous backdrop to all your beach and hiking activities. The beach was really mild when we went even though it was 6:30-7ish in the evening. Not too cold, not too windy, just right. The surrounding mountains have hiking trails up them that make for a nice walk. There was plenty of parking and clean restrooms for beach users when we went. The sand was soft and there was a cute fort made of driftwood that my kids played in. Overall I was so happy to have found out about this beach! 

Highlights: The beach was just stunningly beautiful! 

Tips: Bring beach stuff: a blanket to sit on, sand toys, sun ware if you are going in the middle of the day, and some snacks. There was plenty of parking and a place to use the bathroom when we went. 

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