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Pumpkin Patch at Bayfair Mall


Description: There is nothing too specail about this pumpkin patch, unless you live in the area it's probably not worth the trip- but I do and it is! The main thing is that they have rows of jumpy tents, bounce houses, inflatable slides, and obstacle courses- which is really all your child cares about- oh yeah and pumpkins! You get a wristband (which I thought were a little pricey) and your kids can jump for an hour  or so. There are so many jumpers none of them get too crowded and this place is open really late so your kids can romp til their heart's delight! We picked up a few pumpkins form here too but it's really all about letting your kid run crazy on the jumpy tents. 


Highlights: So many jumpy tents! 

Tips: Save buying pumpkins til the end, so you don't have to lug them around or back out to the car. Bring cash and a jacket!

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