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Pan African Festival 

  • Location: Mosswood Park 3612 Webster St. Oakland, CA 94609

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free to get in, Kids activities are FREE food and crafts range $-$$$

  • Hours: Labor Day Weekend 11am-8pm


Description: This was our first year attending the Pan African Festival at Mosswood Park in Oakland. Now it has quickly become one of my favorite festivals of the year. It took place on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and was such a beautiful day in the Park. The festival featured good music with a DJ, FREE kids activities, good food, some of my favorite vendors, group games, and was at a park so the playground was utilized at least once. It is so refreshing to go to an event where the children;s activities are free! Free jumpy tents, free face painting, free beach balls, soccer, bubbles, painting, and those giant padded balls to knock each other around in (I don't know what else to call them). I had an amazing plate of African food with jolof rice, black eye peas, greens, and fried plantains that made my heart sing. Children were everywhere playing and dancing together. The vibe was relaxed and we sat on blankets in the sun watching the children play and dance. Towards the end of the festival they had live music. It was a beautiful, relaxing, fun day and at the end of it my heart felt full and the kids were exhausted- win/ win! 


Highlights: I love this event because it is a positive community event! Everyone is relaxing having a good time! Good vibes only! Also it is at a park so if your little one gets bored you can take them to the play ground area.


Tips: Bring a blanket to sit on on the lawn so you can chill and eat while listening to the music. Bring cash for the vendors. Most of the vendors now take cards but not all and you do not want to miss out on something you love because you didn't bring enough cash. Also leave enough time in the day, you'll want to be here for hours. Don't come too late and don't have to leave too early. 

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