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Ocean Beach


Description: As long as I have been in the Bay Area and as many times as I rolled by this Beach, I don't think that I ever actually walked on Ocean Beach until recently. Ocean Beach is a long stretch of Beach on Highway 1, it goes on for what seems like miles. The wind was not too much when we were there even though it was the middle of January. It was nippy outside but it wasn't unbearable. It was beautiful! The rolling waves, the sun glistening on top of the water, the children running and playing together, it was all a really nice time. The beach is so big and long that it never feels crowded. Even in the summer I don't think it would feel overwhelming as long as it spans. Parking was easy, we went on Martin Luther King Day. I can imagine on a nice weekend day that the parking would be difficult because there is not that much of it. There are a few upscale restaurants within walking distance nearby that would be fun and have great views of the water, if your child is old enough to withstand those type of situations. We are currently in the throwing food all over the floor stage so it would not work for us. We very much enjoyed the time we spent at the beach though, so glad I finally stopped to touch the water.


Highlights: The beach is my happy place so I pretty much enjoy any time spent there.


Tips: Parking looked very limited, but it's free which is a plus! I would get there early on a weekend. Bring beach stuff: sunscreen, towels, blanket, sand toys, bathing suits, extra clothes, etc. 

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