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Oakland Museum

  • Location: 1000 Oak St, Oakland, CA 94607

  • Phone: 510-318-8400

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $-$$

  • Hours: Mon & Tues Closed, Wed & Thurs 11am-5pm, Fri 11am-10pm, Sat & Sun 10am-6pm


Description: To be completely honest when I think of things to do with my kids going to the museum is not the first or even the fifth thing that pops in to my mind! But then the rains came and it was time to think of some type of indoor activity so the Oakland museum came to mind because I found out they were having an exhibit on the Black Panther Party in honor of their 50th year anniversary. So we decided to take the kids there and you know what- everyone had an excellent time! My husband and 7 year old daughter were totally captivated by the Black Panther Party exhibit. I was happy to have her go because we had been talking about them lately and this was a great way to tie it in for her and make it come to life. Our baby just had fun running around everywhere- there was bright lights, big halls, and music enough to entertain even a one year old. Her favorite was a stop at the koi pond to watch the huge fish swimming by. There was a very informative bee exhibit downstairs in the natural history section. That is the coolest section for the kids and offers more interactive exhibits including a watershed tunnel to walk through, a redwood forest to pretend in, and drawing stations based on the exhibits. Our family went and played in the big back yard and since it was a little rainy we literally had it all to ourselves which was nice.  


Highlights: The Black Panther Party exhibit- if you have not seen it already it is a must see exhibit! Take your kids and teach them something relevant- it is everyone's history and their story needs to be taught and shared. The Black Panther Party will not be taught in most school systems, so educate your children on your own time and help them learn the truth about American history. We also loved that there is a

lot of space to run around! 


Tips: You can often find street parking although if you park in the lot and get your ticket validated it is comparable to paying a meter in Oakland! They validate in the gift shop.

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