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Oakland Ice Center

  • Location: 519 18th Street. Oakland, CA 94612

  • Phone: (they do not have a number listed on their website)

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$

  • Hours:  Public skate schedule on website, differing sessions throughout the day


Description: Ice skating and ice rinks were more popular as I was growing up. Berkeley used to be home to the famous Ice Land, now I feel as though ice rinks are mainly visible during the holidays when many cities offer pop-up ice rinks. Oakland Ice Center has never wavered though, a staple in the community and the skating world. Oakland Ice Center offers multiple open skate sessions on the weekends and throughout the week. I took my daughters there one weekend, even though the oldest one was unsure of herself she seemed to have a really good time. It is nice that they offer a sectioned off part of the ice for children who are learning and still getting their bearings. There are also stacked buckets for the novices to hold on to as they try to glide their way over the ice. The Ice Center offers a snack bar as well as bleacher seats to watch your little ones comfortably from. They also offer ice skating lessons, drop in hockey games, and birthday parties.


Highlights: I really appreciated that they had a designated section for children who were still learning. My daughter was really nervous and I was happy she could practice in a confined section without other people whizzing by her. I also thought it was great that they had buckets for the children who were practicing to balance with.

Tips: I must admit I did not check pricing before I went and was taken aback a little bit when it was time to pay. Almost $30 for two kids. I suggest visiting on a Sunday if your whole family is going to skate, they have a family four pack on Sundays for $45- which is comparatively a good deal! 

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