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Oakland A's Games

  • Location: 7000 Coliseum Way Oakland, Ca 94621

  • Phone: 510-569-2121

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$-$$$$, depending on where you sit

  • Hours: Game hours vary, check the schedule


Description: Taking your child out to the ball game can be a fun event! Depending on their age you may or may not want to come at the beginning of the game. Baseball is long so no matter what inning you show up in, you are still guaranteed some sitting and watching time. The Coliseum makes lots of things fun and interactive for children. There is a special kids "Stomper (the mascot)" zone with batting cages and interactions for kids. Lots of unhealthy snacks and treats to keep their mouths occupied. On weekend games there are almost always give-aways with different themes from socks to bobble heads. On certain Sundays you can bring your children and they can run the bases on the field. And my favorite- there are the fireworks games! This is one of the funnest ways to see a firework show up close and personal!


Highlights: The firework show is really worth it to go see with your children at least once. They will ooh and ahh over how close they feel to the fireworks. You can bring a blanket and go and lay down on the field to watch them or watch from the comfort of your seat. My daughter was blown away and was screaming with excitement at how  close we were to the fireworks show! Sometimes getting in a good fireworks show is hard to do but A's games make it easy- they have about 4 a year, so you have plenty of chances to go.


Tips: Bart is an easy and cheap way to get to the Coliseum and there is a bridge you can walk over right from Bart to the Coliseum. If you are going to a day game- bring sunscreen and a hat. If you are going to a night game- bring a blanket or two.

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