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Newschool Spring Fair

  • Location: 1606 Bonita Ave. Berkeley, CA 94709

  • Phone: 510-548-9165

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free to get in, $ activities & food

  • Hours: Once a year in April, have to check posters for details


Description: Live band, jumpy tents, face painting, baked goodies, art, and kids games! What's not to love about the situation? The Newschool of Berkeley is the preschool that I grew up in. I went there as a child, taught there as an adult, and now my daughter goes every summer for swim camp. It is the true meaning of a Berkeley hippie preschool- and in the best way possible! Your children will be entertained as they bounce their hearts out in the jumpy tent or enjoy one of the many child geared activities like face painting! All of the families of the center bring different baked goods to share and sell so there is a mouth watering plethora of homemade delectables to choose from. There are different eclectic food choices which always has to do witht the we are the world esque theme. Since it is in a preschool there are also playstructures and sandboxes to explore for young children. The atmosphere is always really fun and friendly. Almost every school has a Spring fair- it is a fun and inexpensive way to show your child a good time. It doesn't matter whether your child attends the school or not! Keep your eyes posted near schools in the Spring for a colorful hand drawn sign announcing their spring fair. 


Highlights: Everyone is really friendly whether they know you or not, they are just trying to raise money for their school so no need to worry about feeling like an outsider! 


Tips: Bring cash!!! At school fairs they do not take credit cards and it is imperative to your childs good time to at least remember to bring along a twenty. Parking is tricky- you may have to park a few blocks away  but if your child has a scooter they can roll right on over. 

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