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Museum of Children's Art 

  • Location: 1625 Clay Street Oakland, CA 94612

  • Phone: 510- 465-8770

  • Pricing: $

  • Hours: W-F 10am-1pm Weekends: Special events

Description: I had never been to MOCHA until recently. It is a large sized art studio in the heart of downtown Oakland. Every day they set maybe 6-7 different art projects out on each table. A paper in the center of the table tells you what you are supposed to be making at each station. All the supplies are set out for the project in nice baskets and you are free to use them as you please to create the specified project. The first time we went I took my baby and we had so much fun. Ayala made a big wall painting, played with clay with cookie cutters, did a leaf project, made a painting with cars rolling through the paint & feathers, and the most fun dream catcher project. We sat together while she painted the dream catcher & I tied the strings around the hollowed out plate. Then we carefully threaded beads on the strings & tied feathers around the ends. I really especially enjoyed that project. I felt like it was a really excellent way for Ayala to sit and concentrate on something for so long. The second time we went though I have to say I was not as impressed. My older daughter really wanted to go so I took her on a day off from school. Maybe it is not really meant for older kids, she is 8. But the projects we did the first time I just knew she would really love. The projects the second time were not as detailed and challenging, which was a bummer since I had my older daughter that time. It's sort of a toss up as you do not know what the projects are like until you get there! But I do recommend going and checking it out if you have the time during the week. 

Highlights: Here is the biggest highlight of the situation- your kids can do as much messy art as they please & you do not have to get your house messy! Woo hoo! That pretty much makes it all worth it for me! 

Tips: Their hours are weird so pay attention to them. You don't wanna get there at 12:30 & pay $5 to get in and only have 30 minutes to do art. 

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