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Morcom Rose Garden


Description: The Oakland Rose Garden was a place I did not know existed until I was adult. Growing up in the Bay Area I pride myself on knowing many of the hidden gems of the Area but the reality the Bay Area has so much to offer you can never truly know it all. The Oakland Rose Garden is literally tucked away in a residential neighborhood that borders between the Grand Lake Area and the Harrison Area. It's tricky to find but is definitely worth the hunt. It is 7 plus acres of roses, steps, and beauty. The property features a mild cascading fountain, tons of pathways & steps (perfect for workouts), hundreds of brightly colored roses, grassy lawns, and the occasional wild turkey. I used to come with my friend here and run the steps there are dozens of steps and it is a great place for a run & some cardio. Recently me and my youngest took a trip here to stop and smell the roses, lol. We ate a snack in the warm sun while laying on the grass followed by a look into the fountain which we noticed is housing some tiny little fish. Finally we followed our jaunt in the rose garden up with a climb up the dozens of steps, getting to the top was certainly an accomplishment for both of us. My baby was all pumped to do the stairs on her own, when about half way up she stopped and looked at me and said "All done momma, pick up me." I knew that look all too well- those thighs were burning. So I had to carry her up the second half and then both of us felt that work out. 

Highlights: When in bloom, the roses are the highlights! Their fragrant beauty will have you leaving feeling calm and collected. We were lucky enough to visit when the roses were in full bloom and they are gorgeous! 


Tips: Visit in Spring or Summer, the rose bushes don't have much to offer when they are not in bloom!

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