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Mission Beach


Description: Mission Beach is like the Venice Beach of San Diego. Everyday tons of people congregate here to get some sun, take a dip in the ocean, go surfing, play volleyball, or people watch. This is a great people watching place, lol. So many families are go there to splash in the waves with their children and build sandcastles. There are lifeguards on duty watching from tall towers. Lots of vacationers are perched at the beach rental houses along the paved pathways. I love to rent bikes here and ride up and down the beach while gazing at the glistening sun on the waves. After a hearty day of playing in the sun and sand there are showers located conveniently around the borders to wash the sand off before you get in your car. It is located right next to Belmont Park so you can get in some boardwalk fun at the same time (see Belmont Park post for details). The parking is free and there are at tleast 4 different lots that I know of located around the beach area and boardwalk. If you are hungry there are lots of restaurants to chiise from and some that look over the ocean as well. I love this beach! 


Highlights: Mission beach is great because you can go visit the beach as well the boardwalk at the same time. 


Tips: If you go farther away from where the boardwalk is located you can find a less crowded patch of beach to stake out.

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