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Messy Art Day

  • Location:  7200 Moeser Lane, El Cerrito CA 94530

  • Phone: 510-526-1916

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free

  • Hours: 10:30am-2pm Once a year in March or April, check website for exact date


Description: The most fun your child will have all year (if they are in to getting messy)! The title is what it is- it is a very Messy Art Day. The activities range from all sorts of crazy imaginative ways to get messy! One of my favorite to watch is the human spin art, where your child is spun around on a tire swing while squirting paint on to the ground below. There are such things as slingshot art- where you sling sponges of paint at targets. Painting is going on everywhere- whether it is roller painting, fly swatter painting, or rolling balls in paint down a slide. Children's senses will be ignited as they mush their hands and feet in "clean mud" (toilet paper, shaved soap, and mud). Children can chill out as they squirt colored water on to frozen blocks of toys in a giant pool of ice. They will go crazy for the confetti booth, where every second feels like New Year's Eve. There are bubble stations, gluing stations, sand stations, and my daughters' favorite the shaving cream station! The shaving cream is on top of big rubber tanks of water which makes it even more fun to spread around. My daughter somnehow always gets covered from head to toe in it.


Highlights: I enjoy watching my daughter do human spin art- it's hilarious! The confetti booth and shaving cream station are close seconds to watch her have fun and get completely covered.


Tips: Your child is literally going to be covered head to toe in messy art...Here's what to bring: a plastic bag (to put soiled clothes in), a change of clothes (to put your kid in once they are done), a towel (to wipe them down with once they are out of their old clothes), at most $10 for food and snacks. Dress your child in clothes and shoes that you don't care about ever using again outside of bedtime. Crocs are great for their feet since they easily wash off.


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