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Marine Mammal Center

Description: The Marine Mammal Center is a great place to take your children to learn about marine animals specifically seals and sealions and what they go through being creatures of the sea. At the Marine Mammal Center they catch mammals that are sick or injured and rehabilitate them until they are well enough to be released back in to the ocean. They have documentation of every step of the process- (some of it is graphic) so you and your children can have a true understanding of what they do there. The best part of the center is that there is a look out deck where you can oversee all of the seals in their holding pens. They have binoculars for your little one to get a closer look at them with. Also all over the center are little cards with a seal or otter with a name that you can adopt one of them for a small price which goes to helping the animal of your choice. There are docent led tours or you can walk yourself around using headphones that tell you what each stop along the tour is. My family had a good time and it was very informative, best of all it seemed inspiring for my daughter who talks of being a vet or rescuing animals.

Highlights: It's most exciting to stand on the viewing deck and watch the seals barking and swimming around their pens- they are cute and it's nice to know that are getting the help they need to make their trek back in to the sea. The center is in Sausalito which is nice, you can drive by the Golden Gate Bridge on the way, take a hike in nature, or hit a seafood restaurant in Sausalito on the way back.  

Tips: Let your child pick out a seal or otter to adopt- it will be meaningful for them and it's helping the center do what they need to do.

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