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Luna Dance Institute

  • Location: 605 Addison Street Berkeley, CA 94710

  • Phone: 510- 883-1118

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $

  • Hours: Daily schedule varies, check website for details


Description: In terms of child raising you could classify my parenting as outdoors, hands-on, exploration style I suppose. My older daughter has participated in extracurricular activities but I'm not a mom who is going to spend a lot of time sending my kids to tons of different classes when really I want to be doing things with them. I don't seek classes out let's just say...enter in a kind invitation to bring my baby to a toddler dance class from Luna Institute. I am always happy to accept an invitation to try something new so I we went. I was a little worried though since I had never taken my youngest to anything like that before...what if she doesn't listen? What if she doesn't dance? What if she gets too distracted? I had a few butterflies in my stomach before hand. But as soon as we arrived all of my apprehensions about how the class was going to go flew out the door. The dance instructors were really warm and welcoming. All the other kids there were similar age to my daughter and had just as much energy running around exploring the room. They were all easily distracted but the teachers were calm and just made efforts to redirect them. Ayala was totally engaged in the class and was paying attention the whole time. She watched the teachers every moves and copied them. She loved the props and instruments they gave her to use. I couldn't believe how much she loved the class and participated

every second of it. Ayala did not want to leave when it was time for the class to be over.  

Highlights: The teachers are very nice and really made the class engaging and fun for parents and kids alike.


Tips: Parking is hard so arrive ten minutes early or so to find a good spot.

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