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Lindsay Wildlife Museum

  • Location: 1931 First Avenue Walnut Creek, CA 94597

  • Phone: 925-935-1978

  • Website:

  • Price: $

  • Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 10am-5pm

Description: Lindsay Wildlife Museum located in Walnut Creek has fun furry critters for your viewing. They rescue wild animals in the surrounding areas and rehabilitate them before setting them free again. Unless the animal is unable to return to the wild, then they give them lifetime homes. I was taken aback when we first walked in the museum as they have many wild birds just sitting atop of the displays. The birds have tethers on their legs so they do not fly away, but they advise you not to lift your kid up to see them none the less. There are some cute furry friends to view such as a bunny, guinea pigs, rats, and the cutest porcupine you will ever meet. There are many chances to listen to animal presentations, see them fed, or chances to pet them. The museum is pretty small so you can do it all in about an hour. So it is nice that there is a cute park right next door a few steps from the museum. The park has a big lawn to play sports on, lots of climbing structures and a nice path for roller skating.

Highlights: There are some very cute animals and if you go at the right times your children will have the opportunity to pet them. You can make it a full day by including a trip to the park  right next door, which is a really cute park. 

Tips: Every third Friday of the month the museum is open for free! 

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