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La Loma Park


Description: La Loma Park was one of my favorite parks to visit when I was little! Although it is a little old and weathered it still has the same qualities that made me love it 25 years ago. There are three levels to La Loma, each level caters to a different demographic, so everyone is sure to be pleased visiting here. The top level, which has sweeping views of the surrounding Bay Area, is dedicated to younger children. The top level has an enclosed play area with toddler swings, a small climbing structure with slide, and my favorite- the choo choo train, to imagine you are going to distant lands in. The middle level is for older kids and has a much more challenging play structure, with a tall, steep slide. Also a rolling log to balance on, and one of those sliding things that you hold with your hands from the top and swing your body weight to get you back and forth- I call them had gliders (that was my favorite as I got older). Also when you swing from the big kid swing set you can get a great view and catch a sunset if it is the right time of day. There is a grassy area on the sides, a prefect place to sit down for a picnic or play a game of frisbee. But if you want to play a more advanced lawn game on a bigger scale with more people than the bottom level is the one for you! There is a baseball diamond and lots of rolling lawns to play any type of game on. There are also bathrooms down there as well. This park has basically everything you would want for a day at the park as long as you don't mind the rustic look.


Highlights: There is a level of park for everyone that you may wanna take. The lawn on the bottom level is great for chase or a big game of freeze tag.


Tips: Don't bring your car up to La Loma if it is faint of heart or needs to go in to the shop. The hills are really steep and narrow getting up there. I don't care for driving on hills, but even my husband (the master driver) thought it was a little rough going up!

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