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Kindergym w/ Dawn

Description: Kindergym with Dawn is a unique experience blended of tumbling, climbing, playdough, toys, ball pits, books, cars, and more. So basically everything fun for little friends under 3. The kindergym room at the temple is huge and has everything you can dream of to keep your kids occupied. My daughter loves jumping in the ball pit, walking across the monkey bars, and doing "back flips" (which are really somersaults) down the big padded triangles. There are cars to drive, horses to ride, playdough to squish, puzzles to do, toys to play with, instruments to shake, books to read, boats to rock in, see-saws to teeter on, the possibilities for fun are endless! Dawn is really sweet and makes an effort to try and talk to every family as she makes her rounds around the room. She has been holding these playgroups for 35 years! Wow! At the end of class Dawn read or sings songs as the kids eat a light snack. The session is really fun and engaging for children under 3. It is also a great way to meet other parents. There are no phones allowed in class so you can enjoy your children as well as meet other parents. 

Highlights: The playroom at the temple is basically a children's dream land. So much to see and do and play with. My daughter has a great time every time she goes and always makes some new friends along the way!

Tips: If you are going to make it a frequent stop sign up for the class packet, you can pick and choose your classes with a slight discount. 

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