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Jewel Lake


Description: If  you are in the Tilden area especially at the Little Farm, then hop on over to Jewel Lake which is just a stone's throw away from the Tilden Visitor's Center. If you are looking for a challenging hike in the area than this is not it but if you are looking to explore nature with your children and have a mild walk at the same time than this is the path for you! Located to the path on the left of the Visitor's Center, the Jewel Lake walk takes you on a wooden bridge path through nature and deposits you right on to the shores of the Lake. The winding bridge path is convenient if you have a stroller so you don't have to navigate over the rocky dirt road too much. Also your little one will probably race ahead and hide in the twists and turns of the path. It is a nice quiet and clam path that let's you take in the stillness of nature and fresh air. When you get to the Lake there are a few benches to take a rest on and gaze in to the still waters of the small lake. There are lots  of turtles sunning themselves on logs and rocks around the lake, and it quickly can turn in to a counting game of how many turtles you can spot. You can  walk around the lake  but patches of it get thick. Or you can be adventurous like my daughter and try to climb some of the lower hanging trees. But what I like most is just sitting and staring at the sun glistening off of the water's ripples. 


Highlights: Turtles are fun to spot and even funner to count! Also this is a nice place  to enjoy nature and take a walk without it being too long and challengin for  younger walkers. 

Tips: For sure combine this walk with a visit to the Little Farm and Visitor's  Center. Wear closed toed shoes  that you don't mind getting dusty.

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