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  • Location: 31310 Alvarado-Niles Rd. Union City,California

  • Phone: 510-489-4359

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$$$

  • Hours: Monday to Sunday: 9am-11pm


Description: Have you ever dreamed of flying? Well if the answer is yes than you might want to head over to iFly in Union City! There you can experience indoor skydiving at it's finest. So strap on your goggles and body suit and gear up for the ride. A trained instructor will guide you through letting go and riding on air. Me and my husband had been wanting to do this for a long time (as we can't see ourselves actually jumping out of a plane) but we finally decided to go on our anniversary. This outing is expensive so saving it for a special occasion is probably a good idea. Depending on how big the crowd is (our group was at the max) you may not get that much flying time in- about two actual minutes to be exact. But those two minutes are going to be super thrilling! The funnest part is after everyone gets the chance to fly with, the next time you go up a trained professional takes you up the wind shaft where you really get the feeling of loss of gravity. That part was so fun!!! It's an expensive activity but it is so thrilling. 


Highlights: Opt for the wind tunnel experience- it's $10 extra but it is a must do if you go. 

Tips: If you can go on a week day or at an off peak hour I have the feeling if we didn't go during prime time that we would have gotten more fly time!

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