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Hella Vegan Eats

  • Location: 411 26TH St. - Oakland, CA 94612

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$

  • Hours:  Wed & Thurs 12-9PM Fri 12-10PM(Brunch) & 5PM-10PM(Dinner) Sun Brunch 11AM-3PM

Description: Hella Vegan Eats is like some crazy vegan fantasy made into a restaurant.  They seriously have plates and dishes you think would only be possible to be made up in your subconscious mind. Everything I have had is so tasty and dreamy- each plate is handcrafted with creativity. It is for sure my favorite vegan place for brunch on the weekends. Mystical french toast, fried chicken and waffles, dressed up tater tots, plates of biscuit goodness, breakfast burritos, and more. This place has so many intriguing choices that it is hard to make a decision because you want to try everything on the menu. On my birthday weekend I even had lunch by myself and sprung for a giant bacon burger for just me- it was so big I could barely fit all of it's goodness in my mouth lol. My daughters love it too. They are located in Classic Cars West in a beer garden, so they have a really nice outdoors area with lots of big tables and chairs, lots of space for the kids to roam and play, pretty plants, and they are even dog friendly so you might meet a new furry friend which is the highlight for my two year old.  

Highlights: For brunch I love the Champions of Breakfast plate which seems like it has some of everything! We tried the Brocko's Totchos basically loaded tater tots and they were hella good- kids loved them! We also got the Dulce De Leche French Toast with a side of fried chicken and that was the bomb! Me and my daughter agreed on that. The staff is also really friendly and happy to accommodate requests when they can. 

Tips: Get there around noon or before for brunch, it starts getting really crowded after that and may be hard to secure a table. Also it can get really parked up in that neighborhood so the earlier the better I say. 

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