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Heather Farms


Description: If a bunch of kids sat down and planned out their perfect park I bet it would look something like Walnut Creek's Heather Farms! This park is so colorful, creative, and enticing. Kids literally have an endless amount of fun here. We were at the park for over two hours and when it was time to leave I still had to pull my kids away, they did not want to leave all the fun. Seems like there could be up to 5 different climbing structures all of which have slides, poles, ways to climb up, tunnels to crawl through, and are so bright & welcoming that I even climbed to the tallest tower and went down a tunnel slide. The park just makes you want to play! There are swings, sandboxes, a rock climbing wall, bouncing bugs to ride on, a play house, super tall slides, and my kids favorite the "grassy" hills for sliding down. In the middle of the park are some Jack and Jill type hills which are like magnets to children. My kids could not get enough of running, rolling, sliding, and gliding up and down the hill. After we played at the park area for a long time we went and sat in the grass by the pond and watched the geese while we ate our lunch. There are lots of geese to watch and maybe do a little bit of chasing said my two year old.  


Highlights: The playground is something out of a fantasy- I really can't think of another playground as fun and inviting as this one. Also the park has many more features than the playground including a garden, rec area, pool, tennis courts, picnic tables, basketball courts, baseball field, soccer field, fishing pond, biking, equestrian center, nature area, off-leash dog park, the list goes on and on.


Tips:  I always try to pack a lunch with us to feed hungry active bodies. If you can go on a week day probably less crowded. 

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