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Halcyon Park


Description: Living in San Leandro there are many options when it comes to parks, nice options for the most part too, also Oakland parks are just a hop skip and jump away- so the possibilities are endless. But there is a park about 5 mins from my house that I have been overlooking for many years, Halcyon Park located on 147th ave. Halcyon Park is such a beautiful little park nestled right in a residential neighborhood. This park has a sprawling green grass lawn perfect for playing whatever outdoor activity you want on it. It is really big too so plenty of room for everyone. When we were there some people were playing soccer, catch, baseball, and a few groups were picnicking on it- that's how much space there is on the field. In addition to that there are two cool playgrounds with unique looking structures for the kids to play on. I say that because I have never seen structures or equipment quite like theirs. Sort of futuristic structures to me. There are plenty of picnic tables and BBQ pits for parties as well. Next time we go I'm going to have the kids bring their wheels because there is a large paved ring of a walking path that curves all the way around the grassy area perfect for rolling, riding, or skating on. 


Highlights: The park is very clean looking. It is so clean that when I saw some chip bags dropped from some little kids I felt inclined to immediately go over and pick them up to keep the park looking pristine. There are benches for the adults to sit and watch their children play at the playground and the best part is that the benches are in the shade- yay! 


Tips: If you have bikes or wheels bring them along, it looks like a fun easy ride for little ones.

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