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Golden Keys Piano School

  • Location: 1809 University Ave. Berkeley, Ca 94703

  • Phone: 510-665-5466

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$$$

  • Hours: Call to find open spots  in schedule


Description: My daughter is very musically inclined and we decided to get her enrolled in a piano class. After a long search we settled on Golden Keys Piano School. We liked their website at first glance and liked the idea of them incorporating art in to the music. Well my daughter has really seemed to respond positively to it. She seems very comfortable with her teacher and she is often drawing or writing her own song to  the music he teaches her. Which is a great way to get them really engaged with the music! She has had once recital thus far and it was so fun to see her play piano on stage in front of an audience. It seemed to give her a lot of confidence too! I wasn't sure piano was the right fit for her but I really think the way they teach younger children makes it fun and engaging for them!

Highlights: It is on University Avenue in Berkeley so there is usually ample parking and there are lots of places within walking distance for parents to idle the time away while they wait for their children. Also if you have a late afternoon class there are lots of restaurants to grab dinner at after. 

Tips: Bring a book or take a walk while your child is in class.

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