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Friday Nights at Oakland Museum

Description: Every Friday night the Oakland Museum hosts "Friday nights at OMCA" a fun event with food, music, dancing, and vendors that the whole family can enjoy. The entrance with the stadium feel to it turns in to a dance party with live music and dancing instruction. The music is kid friendly and my daughter always has a blast dancing around all the adults. Dinner is on hand for hungry dancers, the street next to the museum is closed and Off the Grid is set up with plenty of food trucks to pick and choose from. The food trucks rotate weekly so there are always new offerings. Vendors are set up near the koi pond to browse while having fun. There is also usually a children's activity set up down there too. When we went recently my daughter got to decorate sugar cookie skulls and we both made "Power to the People" posters in celebration of their Black Panthers at 50 exhibit. There is also a bar set up, so you can really make it a night out with the family while the kids have fun at the same time. The best part of it all is the tickets! All children under 18 years old are free and adults are half price! See Oakland Museum post for more information.

Highlights: My daughters love to dance, the live music has always been awesome when we have gone. The music is appropriate (no cuss words or sexually suggestive lyrics). They just have a ball dancing until their feet hurt. The other dancing adults are very mindful that children are present and watch out not to bop into them. The other adults also love to watch kids dancing and having fun, so my oldest daughter gets a lot of cheers from the crowd. 

Tips: The tickets are cheap, so pay for parking! Parking is so slim in downtown Oakland. At the end of the night when you are hauling tired dancers to your car, you do not want to be walking a few blocks with sweaty exhausted kids. Just pay for parking, you won't regret your decision at the end of the night. 

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