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First Fridays Oakland

  • Location: Telegraph Ave. between 27th Ave. and West Grand, Oakland Ca.

  • Phone: 510-343-5439

  • Website:

  • Pricing: Free to get in, food and crafts range $-$$$

  • Hours: Every first Friday of the month 5-9:30pm


Description: Oakland First Fridat's are done right like only an Oakland venue can do! A few full Telegraph blocks of vandors selling their best crafts from shirts, earrings, rings, headbands, purses, hats, kids clothes, uniquely Oakland clothes, you name it- they're selling it here! In addition to all the goods there are lots of food stands wafting lots of tasty smelling foods, and since it is located in downtown Oakland almost every restaurant is open and has some type of special going on for the night. There is lots of music, dancers, magicians, and DJ's on evry corner. The drum circle rules the streets and encourages random people to come and play with them by providing free instruments to the public. Last time we went my daughter played three different instruments with them, danced to the drums, and ended up in a limbo contest! All the local galleries are additonally open and showing their best works- usually free to the public on this night. Oakland is truly showcasing it's very Oaklandish culture. It is a very fun and festive evening out! 


Highlights: I think it is very important to buy what you can from local creative artists. Not only will you get a more unique piece but when you shop small and buy local you are supporting someone who is supporting themselves and their family and living out their dream. We all need to be more conscious of where we spend our money- it is called voting with our lifestyle. If we stop paying for goods from big corporations who only care about their bottom line and not about the consumer or their employees, and we put money back in the hands of the people in the community than that is called Cooperative Economics- Ujamma. This is a very important principle to learn and practice because it is the only way to build up community! At First Fridays you can buy everything you need to adorn yourself and children and put cooperative economics in to practice. 


Tips: Go early and leave early, if you have kids once it starts getting crowded and dark is when it is time to leave! If you have kids the best time to go is right when it starts and leave bfore the going out crowd comes in! 

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