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Dennis The Menace Park

  • Location: 777 Pearl St, Monterey, CA 93940

  • Phone: 831-646-3860

  • Website: No specific web, but can find on Yelp, Trip Adviser, and Great Kids Parks

  • Pricing: Free

  • Hours: 10am- dusk


Description: If you are in Monterey, you must  take your children to Dennis  the Menace Park (not that this generation knows who that is), but they'll love the park! It has been commented on as being one of the best kids parks, and I would have to agree. While most playgrounds have one to three attractive structures- this park has many, many more! So much to offer- from suspended bridges, multiple climbing structures, endless slides, swings, a rock climbing wall, a maze, gigantic sand boxes, different spinning apparatuses, and a different kind of slide made out of roller pins that children jiggle down. Your child can literally play here for hours discovering new fun things to do. The first time I ever visited this park I was stunned by the complexity of it all- yet it's so simple I don't know why more parks are not modeled after this one. Give children as many options as possible and they'll never get bored! Plus it's great there are so many options because sooo many people come to play here that it doesn't feel crowded ever because of the endless lay out. Not only is there so much to do but visually it looks so enticing. The first time we even stopped there was because it is near the main street in to town and we could see what fun it was from the car- we had to stop and play!


Highlights: It is right in the heart of Monterey so it is very accessible from wherever you may be staying. There is so much to do and your child can play for hours here- free. It is next to Lake El Estero so you can easily do the park and paddle boating all in one swoop!


Tips: Bring some snacks and a friend to talk to or a book because there are so many possibilities for kids that they will ignore you for many hours as they play.


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