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Curbside Creamery

Description: Finding good vegan ice cream can be a little bit challenging at times. Stores are starting to offer more of a variety of them but finding places where you can enjoy a scoop in a cone are few and far between. I first found out about Curbside Creamery at the Grand Lake Farmers Market  where they have a little bicycle stand full of delightful ice cream sandwiches including usually two vegan choices. I happened to take their card with me one time and noticed they actually have their own physical address. To my happiest surprise they had more vegan offerings at their store in the Temescal district of Oakland, including scoops of five or so vegan flavors that you can have in any cone even topped with rainbow sprinkles (my favorite). My girls love the ice cream and the staff is always friendly and tolerant of little bodies in the shop.

Highlights: Love the cookies and cream and mint flavors with rainbow sprinkles. Plus in the Summer/ Spring they have strawberry ice cream with shortbread cookies ice cream sandwiches. 

Tips: You can get an ice cream punch card and earn punches towards free ice cream. 

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