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Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose 

  • Location: 180 Woz Way San Jose, CA 95110

  • Phone: 408-298-5437

  • Website:

  • Pricing: $$$

  • Hours:  Tues-Sat 10 am-5pm

Description: Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose is a whole lot of fun for children to explore! There are two floors of things to discover and not just that but a magical outdoors area. First starting inside children can paint their own faces at the face painting station. Climb aboard a firetruck, stagecoach, or an ambulance. Cook something up or go grocery shopping in the dramatic play area. Make a project like corn husk dolls at the art station. Or get all wet in the awesome water play area. The water play area has swirling pools of water with levers and spinners. Grab a ball and toss it in a vortex or send a ball up in the air using a lever. Whatever you so just remember to bring an extra set of clothes for little ones because this is a real life splash zone! Outside is the coolest play area that has slides, caves, rocks, and a garden. Not to mention the whole thing looks like a giant forest tree house- so cool! 

Highlights: I thought the outdoor structure that was built like a tree house was the star of the show. But my older daughter, well really both of them were sucked into the water play area itself for like an hour. The splash zone has balls, moving apparatuses, vortexes of water, places you can shoot the balls to and from. I literally had to pull them away from here when it was time to move on. Also both of them had too much fun in the self face painting room- it got a little crazy in there lol.

Tips: The museum can be a little costly if you have a large family. $15 each can add up quick. We were lucky enough to find it on Groupon, a two for one deal. I have not seen it on Groupon since but I would keep checking as it saved us $30! 

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